The Virtual Lawyer Model Helps Clients Avoid Big Lawyer Fees

Los Angeles – The LA based law firm, Spotora & Associates, P.C., long acclaimed as a “Unique Legal Boutique” and which curated The Virtual Lawyer, an innovative program and business model that methodically blends high-level legal services with technological advancements, has been sparking the interest of not only other attorneys and law firms, but attention has been further raised with top insurance heads.  Why?

When asked, Anthony Spotora, Managing Attorney to the firm shared, “[T]here is an overwhelming and common price gap in the legal industry between junior and senior counsel; so much so, many who are in need of legal help are begrudgingly left to accept the former, anxiously aware that they may get what they pay for.  Virtual Lawyer changed that, and more, and I guess we are doing something right. I have been repeatedly asked the same questions about our firm’s operations. First, from other attorneys; that seemed reasonable enough. However, when the heads of insurance brokerages also independently asked how we were accomplishing some of our objectives, I figured we might really be onto something.”  Spotora told us that he later learned that some of the inquiring attorneys attempted to replicate the firm’s business model.

In the end, the result of the firm’s inventive business model helps potential new clients get more affordable access to expert legal advice.  And while some of the firm’s operational methods remain confidential, the firm seems to believe the primary ideologies behind The Virtual Lawyer are simply based on an emergence of the inevitable “new-age” of law.

The firm’s services and operations notably get them regarded as a cutting-edge law firm and clients undoubtedly appreciate how the firm’s forward-thinking and subsequent implementation of available technologies provide them with both a financial and a service-quality advantage.

Spotora & Associates counsels on business, corporate, entertainment, and intellectual property laws. They also are broadly experienced in labor and employment laws, real estate matters, family law, and estate planning. From Fortune 500 companies to individuals, the firm is known for their dedication, innovation, and results-driven passion for the practice of law.

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