Business Savvy Meets the Law When Starting a Record Label in the New Media Age

In the age of new media, record labels and artists have many opportunities to make money, but also must be cautious about downloading royalties, copyright licensing, and protecting their income streams. High-profile artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Madonna and their labels must constantly watch over iTunes downloads, YouTube streams, Wii games, and other emerging digital players to see if their rights are being violated and profits diminished.

New technologies are created so often, and with that new providers of entertainment products and content are jockeying to attract consumers. Whether you are starting a record label or are an established music heavyweight, it is crucial to have a lawyer that knows how to guide you through the new media and music laws.

Entertainment attorneys will structure, negotiate and update contracts and agreements for Internet and new media outlets. As advertisers and marketers look to deliver information and entertainment to the masses, lawyers will counsel on finance, production, licensing, and the sale of intellectual property to be broadcasted on the Internet, cell phones and wireless devices, interactive and video game platforms and other digital channels.

Product placement and brand integration ventures in feature films, television, and new media are also areas where a lawyer can ensure both the business and creative rights of the label and artist are upheld. Many labels are also creating “360 deals” to increase revenue streams through tours, concerts, merchandising and new media partnerships.

Record labels realize the importance of YouTube, for example, to virally show off their artists. It is hard to control postings of copyrighted materials by fans, so labels work with their lawyers to negotiate licensing terms for their songs and videos that appear on the popular website. And with increasing sales of digital music and fewer CD sales, downloading royalties can rack up to millions of dollars in revenue for artists and labels.

Any size record label can benefit from a savvy entertainment lawyer to establish the label name, website presence and connect them with start-up capital opportunities and marketing professionals. From business plans to product launches and artist contracts, they can buffer the label and artist from the cutthroat music industry.

For those that are starting record labels, lawyers will give you vital advice to build the record label of your dreams. Armed with an excellent entertainment lawyer, a record label can last longer and protect their image and creative brilliance.

The Law Offices of Spotora & Associates has decades of experience representing musicians and record labels in Los Angeles, Southern California and the world. They have worked with some of the biggest talent in the industry and have a hands-on approach to give their clients the utmost in individualized attention.

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