Seek Legal Counsel to Ensure a Solid Terms of Service Agreement Online

Los Angeles, Calif. – The small print on a website seems hardly interesting, but the terms of service (“TOS”) agreement on a business’ home page is a must have to protect the business and its users.

A recent incident on Electronic Arts’ Dragon Age 2 online message board is a great example of what a terms of service agreement can do. Electronic Arts bought Dragon Age 2’s creator, BioWare, in 2007, and now a gamer must open an online account with EA to play the game. One of them voluntarily wrote on the BioWare message board, “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?” Because EA had a terms of service message, they could prevent this gamer from logging into his EA online account for three days.

Businesses can cover a lot of issues in a TOS agreement, but they must be sure not to copycat another site’s TOS content. TOS agreements are actually copyrighted and since every business has unique rules and systems, it is best to get a qualified business attorney to assist in its creation and enforcement.

A terms of service section will go over the rights and responsibilities when a user accesses a website for e-commerce, research, or pleasure. By continuing to click on a site’s unique pages, users will be viewed as agreeing with the TOS statements. Business attorneys will give legal guidance on rules for online privacy, safety and account security, interactions with other domestic and international users, advertising and copyright policies, as well as dispute resolution and termination of services.

“Today’s marketplace is not an easy one to thrive in,” said Los Angeles business attorney Anthony Spotora of the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates. “An experienced business attorney can assist a website and business owner with making sure they have thought of every facet on their terms of service page so the business has the best chances for success and the best possibility of avoiding issues that were otherwise preventable.”

Anthony Spotora has decades of experience in business law. From start-ups to large, multinational corporations, he counsels on terms of service agreements, intellectual property rights, business contracts and partnerships, and business plans. The firm represents clients in many industries, from restaurants, nightclubs, web-based businesses and accounting firms, to Hollywood studios, production houses, entertainment agencies, technology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and land-based retail outlets.

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