Franchise Businesses Need Legal Representation for US and Global Success

Entrepreneurs and business-savvy individuals are looking at franchises as a way to kick-start their incomes and livelihood. Many U.S.-based franchises are generating interest globally in places such as China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil as their markets crave American products and their investors still have money to dole out on business ventures. A recent survey by the International Franchise Association noted that more than 75 percent of franchises are planning to begin international projects in the next year.

Basic economics are attracting everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the experienced business investor to try franchising. Inc. Magazine listed the following franchises as the most lucrative and in-demand in the U.S. and abroad:

  • Healthy eating
  • After school education
  • Spas
  • Edible arrangements
  • In home elderly care
  • Cleaning services
  • Junk haulers
  • Fitness

Inc. Magazine shows how some franchises can be run out of your home with only a smartphone and laptop, or for those individuals wanting to have a storefront, signing retail or office space leases. Many franchises have low barriers of entry and consumers waiting in the wings to buy products and services. For the best chances of success, an individual looking to start, buy, and even sell a franchise should get a qualified business attorney to make sure the rules, restrictions, and fees are reasonable and understood.

Franchise agreements can be complex and for new franchise ventures, it is key to secure trademarks and intellectual property rights to protect the brand. A business attorney can help ensure that when a business goes global, the franchise’s core concepts are followed, employee agreements are well thought out, and every step of the business plan analyzed for legal protection. Legal counsel is priceless to a franchise business and will save the business owner time and money in the long run. Successful businesses are oftentimes vulnerable to copycats, so legal representation will go a long way to squash others who are looking to feed off the business’ success.

In California, Los Angeles business attorney Anthony Spotora helps franchisors and franchisees with all their legal matters. The Law Offices of Spotora & Associates is accomplished at reviewing and negotiating franchises for prospective franchisees and is additionally accustomed to establishing the corporation or limited liability company for them. They are well-versed in reviewing leases too and should a dispute arise, taking the steps necessary to resolve it.

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