Businesses Acquire Other Companies to Increase Assets with Legal Counsel Expertise

With the current state of the economy, if you are a company in good standing, it can be a fantastic time to buy another company to increase your market share and strength. As such, news headlines are currently filled with numerous power-play moves. Google recently bought Motorola Mobility to become more dominant as a mobile technology powerhouse and acquire some of its coveted patents. In Los Angeles, OpenGate Capital investment company has been acquiring controlling interests in solid companies throughout 2011. As businesses look for these types of opportunities, they will want to be on the lookout for stable business fundamentals that show the potential for growth and enlist a qualified business attorney for due diligence and all the steps needed to structure a successful deal.

Big purchases need regulatory approval, so finding a skilled attorney to review the financing structures, prepare and review agreements and securities filings, draft and negotiate contracts, and iron out any employee issues is critical. A business attorney can “partner” with the appropriate company’s management to close the transaction in a way that is conducive to all parties involved. Considering the heightened scrutiny in business today, the creation of a special committee that may include your legal counsel can also help skirt conflict of interest and fiduciary violations when an acquisition is at hand.

The business attorney’s mission is to understand the client’s goals and expectations for the acquisition and recommend the best legal, tax, and business decisions. All the while, the business attorney also provides counsel on potential pitfalls and liabilities that need to be addressed before the closing can occur.

Intellectual property, real estate and litigation services are also available when the need arises for legal counsel in these matters. This allows a business to have an ally for most legal concerns that can transpire throughout and after the transaction. It is all about adding value to the transaction and being a part of the solutions and energy to spur the deal forward.

In California, Los Angeles business attorney Anthony Spotora, of Spotora & Associates, P.C. is known for counseling corporate clients in the acquisition of another or other businesses and to help them take advantage of growth opportunities. The team of business attorneys at the law firm is also accomplished in mergers and acquisitions, corporate turn-arounds, franchises, dissolution and bankruptcy matters. As a premier California law firm, Spotora & Associates is actively involved in business matters for a diverse array of clients including Hollywood studios and distributors, TV and multimedia production houses, technology and communications companies, restaurants and nightlife, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies. They excel in giving high-quality legal counsel and assisting in the management of the businesses they advise. To learn more, visit or call 877.4U.EZ.LEGAL

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