California Entertainment Litigation Case Involves LeAnn Rimes and Invasion of Privacy

LeAnn Rimes, who has recently made headlines after entering a 30-day treatment facility to cope with stress and anxiety, has now filed a lawsuit against two women who Rimes claims tape-recorded her during a phone conversation illegally. The lawsuit was filed on August 30 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

In the lawsuit claims are made that Lexi and Kimberly Smiley allegedly conspired to use portions of the conversation which were taken out of context to be released publicly, casting a negative light on Ms. Rimes and meant to cause her emotional distress. According to news reports, Rimes alleges that the harassment by the two women has been going on for several years. Kimberley Smiley asserts that Rimes was bullying her instead and denies the claims made in Rimes’ lawsuit.

Last spring a leaked conversation between Kimberly Smiley and Rimes was posted on the internet. In this conversation Rimes is depicted arguing about her current husband’s ex-wife with a former Twitter follower. Rimes is married to Eddie Cibrian, whose ex-wife is Brandi Glanville, a reality television celebrity who Smiley was defending in the conversation. Glanville stars on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Smiley, who is a teacher in Northern California and mother of four, insists that she is the one being bullied, and not Rimes. New reports state that Smiley intends to take action against Rimes, that the false claims could negatively impact her business and family.

Rimes sought treatment for stress and anxiety just one day after turning 30 years old. Rimes’ representative, Marcel Pariseau, expressed that while privacy is not expected for the singing star, it is appreciated. Reports claim that the lawsuit is not the sole reason for the star’s entrance into a treatment facility, but that it is likely a factor.

Through the social media giant Twitter and other sources, Rimes has been criticized for her diet regimen and accused of being too thin by some. Fans and critics alike have been concerned about Rimes’ diminishing size since photos which were posted following her wedding to Cibrian in April of 2011.

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