Former CBS VP-Director of Sales Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against CBS Corp.

A woman who worked as vp-director of sales at CBS Corp. has filed a lawsuit against the company claiming gender discrimination.  Kathryn Pavelonis, who worked in her capacity at various CBS affiliate radio stations from April of 2004 until August 23, 2011, the date she was fired, filed the lawsuit in Missouri state court.

The lawsuit filed by Pavelonis claims that female managers who worked for CBS were treated less favorably than male managers.  Pavelonis complained among other things that herself and other female employees were often assigned heavier work loads, and were not included in social events which were corporate-related.  According to Pavelonis she was terminated due to “serious misconduct;” the complaint doesn’t get into details about this issue.

Essentially, Pavelonis claims that she was let go from her job for being a female in the media conglomerate’s “boys club.”  She denies having committed the serious misconduct allegations she was accused of.  She also states that a male counterpart with CBS engaged in similar misconduct to what Pavelonis was accused of, and did not get fired.  She alleges that after being fired her position was filled by a male.

Pavelonis is seeking lost wages, benefits and punitive damages from CBS, claiming that the gender discrimination caused mental anguish as well as emotional distress.  Defendants names in the lawsuit include CBS Corp., CBS Radio, CBS Radio Holdings, CBS Radio Stations and CBS Radio Sales.

In a response statement, CBS Radio said, “We believe Ms. Pavelonis’s claims are without merit and we intend to vigorously defend the lawsuit.”

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