Tips for Selecting an Intellectual Property Lawyer

Property considered “intellectual” are those things you cannot physically see, such as copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and patents.  As you can imagine, protecting property you cannot see can be a difficult task; in the U.S. state and federal laws are designed that protect these exclusive rights.  Whether you need a Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer to help you register a trademark or volume of copyrights, or because a trademark or other intellectual property has been infringed upon, it’s important you choose a capable and experienced attorney.

Below are a few tips for selecting an intellectual property attorney in Los Angeles:

Do you know someone who has used an intellectual property lawyer?  Ask if he or she would recommend that attorney, how the attorney handled the case and if the outcome was favorable, and about fees.  While you may feel the fees seem high, they often vary depending upon the circumstances, type of case, complexity, etc.

Search the internet.  Today, the internet is used to search for everything you can imagine from products and services to information.  Conduct a search using your location and the words “intellectual property lawyer,” or “intellectual property law firm” to find those in your area, then review their websites, whether it seems informative and the attorneys knowledgeable, testimonials of previous clients, etc.

Find out about the training and experience of the attorney you are considering.  Advanced knowledge of intellectual property law is important, more so than many other areas of law.  Ask plenty of questions about educational background, and how much prior experience the attorney has handling these types of cases.  Some of the information you can find online; if you cannot find the information you need, call the law firm and ask.

Interview the lawyer.  It may sound a bit strange or intimidating, but you are the one who will be paying for a service, therefore you need to know what you are getting before you spend your money.  Sit down with the attorney for a consultation, talk about your case (although you won’t go in-depth), see if you feel comfortable with the lawyer.  It is important that you feel confident about and comfortable with the Los Angeles intellectual property attorney you choose, as there may be many phone calls and conversations during the course of representation.

One word of warning:  if an attorney seems to be reluctant to discuss his or her qualifications or cannot give you an idea of their success on previous similar cases, move on.

The Law Offices of Spotora & Associates offer unsurpassed legal counsel to our clients.  When you have issues or need assistance with those “creations of the mind,” consult with our Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys who have an extensive background in this type of law.

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