Two Essentials for Business: An Accountant and Skilled Business Attorney

Whether yours is a small business or huge corporation, there are two professionals that will benefit your company in more ways than you could imagine:  an accountant, and a skilled business attorney.  It’s fairly obvious why you would need an accountant, considering payroll, taxes, learning new software such as Quickbooks, setting up your chart of accounts and general ledger, and so on.  Why and when do you need a business lawyer?  From the very beginning, and for many reasons.

You hope it never happens, but as a business should you get sued and have no attorney on staff, it’s often a case of paying out a substantial amount of money (attorney fees, court costs, the amount of the actual settlement, etc.)  Also keep in mind that hiring a lawyer after the fact means you have legal counsel who is not familiar with your business, your contracts, agreements, intellectual property, etc.

Smaller law firms are less expensive, so it’s best not to choose a larger firm, right?  Not necessarily.  There are numerous advantages in hiring a reputable Los Angeles business law firm, one of the most important being:

Most larger firms offer all of the services you may need “under one roof,” so to speak such as those who specialize in business contracts and agreements, others in franchise law or mergers and acquisitions, others in intellectual property or technology law, etc.  Having all of the specialized areas of service you may need in one law firm saves you time and effort should something unexpected crop up.

Today, lawyers are becoming more specialized, much like doctors.  While you could hire a divorce attorney who also advertises his/her business specialties, it’s best to stick with a firm that focuses primarily on business and has on staff a team of skilled attorneys who have extensive experience and are dedicated to such things as contracts, organization of business (forming corporations, LLCs, etc.), intellectual property, labor and employment, and other areas that generally affect small and large businesses alike.

If yours is a new company just getting started in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area, or an established business without benefit of a highly regarded business lawyer to help ensure any legal issue doesn’t become a big (or nasty) issue, contact the trusted professionals at the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates.  We specialize in Legalease!

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