What Do Los Angeles Entertainment Lawyers Really Do?

The job of a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer is not to rub shoulders with celebrities, an opinion that seems to be shared by many.  It may seem like a career that is glamorous and comes with many perks, and sometimes that is true – but most of the time it isn’t.  In actuality, an attorney who practices in the many areas of entertainment has a demanding career and one that requires extensive knowledge and skill in legal areas including litigation, labor and contract laws, intellectual property and more.

A Los Angeles entertainment attorney works with individuals in television, music, film, theater, and other areas of entertainment in various capacities; sometimes it means ensuring contracts are properly drawn up or helping a new and upcoming recording artist with financial decisions, or filing a lawsuit over a film that has been pirated.

Whether it involves reviewing contracts to ensure they are fair to his client, drafting new contracts, drawing up film, management, or licensing agreements or litigation over copyrights or trademark infringement, many lawyers who provide legal guidance and support in the entertainment industry focus on various specialties, including:

Digital – Copyright issues, image/music use agreements, employee contracts, talent agreements and more.

Music – Some of the legal issues involved in the music industry include drawing up contracts with agents, record labels, concert producers and managers.  Copyright issues and royalty agreements are other areas of focus in music.

Film – In the film specialty, a Los Angeles entertainment attorney may focus on merchandising and product placements, arranging financial backing, negotiating labor contracts with employees and union crews, or liability issues regarding production, among other things.

Radio and television – As with other specialties in the entertainment industry, there are always contract and agreement issues to be addressed in TV and radio, including network agreements, regulatory issues, licensing for broadcasting, and production studio agreements.

Other specialties an attorney may focus on include theater and publishing.  Some lawyers who work in the industry give their attention to transaction-based law, which focuses more on negotiating contracts and agreements for entertainers, while other attorneys specialize in litigation law, which simply means resolving disputes over contracts, copyright agreements, trademark infringement or other issues through mediation, arbitration or a lawsuit.

As you can see, attorneys who provide legal guidance and support in the entertainment industry have far more to do than “rub shoulders” with their clients.

If you are in need of a skilled and capable Los Angeles entertainment attorney, count on the team at the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates.  Our senior level attorneys offer an individual, dedicated approach that is a rarity in legal counsel today.

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