Bullying Isn’t Just for Kids and Teens – It Happens in the Workplace, Too

As reputable Los Angeles employment lawyers, we know that in recent years, bullying has become one form of employee harassment or discrimination that is on track to move ahead of sexual harassment in the workplace in coming years.  We’ve all heard the stories on television regarding bullying in schools and even on social media platforms, but what’s happening in the workplace may not be as prominent in the news – and it’s taking place all the time.

Parents almost expect to have to protect their children from bullying at school these days, but most don’t expect to find it in their own workplaces.  Employers must be made aware that employees must be protected from this type of harassment just as vigorously as they are protected from sexual harassment.  Unfortunately, it’s not only co-workers participating in the bullying, but sometimes the employer. What constitutes bullying in the workplace?

  • ŸSupervisors or co-workers verbally or physically abusing an employee
  • ŸThreats, or physical/verbal intimidation made by co-workers or supervisors
  • ŸTeasing, when it is relentless or unwelcome by the intended target
  • ŸGossip, rumors, and bullying employees through social media sites

The Society for Human Resources conducted a survey which found that in the U.S., over 50% of workplaces have experienced incidents of bullying on the job, or have bullies employed.

Unfortunately, because of economic conditions and a shortage of jobs, many employees have put up with bullying.  However, as an employer there are steps you should take to not only protect your employees, but yourself as well.  Some companies have put anti-bullying polices in place that subject the individual who bully’s others to classes similar to anger management, reassignment, suspension, or even termination.

When it comes to your business, are you running a tight ship?  It is imperative that you put policies in place not only regarding sexual harassment, but bullying as well.  At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, we take a proactive stance in helping business owners minimize exposure to liability and litigation.  Our Los Angeles employment attorneys believe in taking preventive measures where employees and harassment are concerned.

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