Dispute Between AMC, Disney Over Movie Proceeds Resolved

On Thursday April 25, a dispute between the second-largest cinema chain in the nation, AMC Theatres, and Walt Disney was resolved.  With the highly anticipated release of Iron Man 3 this summer, Disney put up a fight, saying they desired a 3 percentage-point increase in the share of ticket sales proceeds.  While the terms of the deal between the two companies were not disclosed, an agreement was reached according to the Wall Street Journal.

Some have wondered whether the dispute would result in AMC Theatres being the only one offering Iron Man 3 up on its screens; Disney’s desire for more revenue from the sale of movie tickets has caused several large movie theater franchises across the U.S. to delay putting tickets on sale in advance.  On Thursday, Disney also reached an agreement with Regal Entertainment Group, the largest theater chain, and Cinemark Holdings over how revenues would be divided on upcoming movies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney sent out a letter to theater owners requesting an increase in the shares at the box office approximately two weeks ago; this increase would amount to three percentage points.  News articles claim that Disney’s Marvel superhero franchise and upcoming re-launch of Star Wars emboldened Disney studio to make the move.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 3.  In pre-release surveys that have been conducted, it is expected that the superhero movie will rake in more than $100 million the opening weekend.

The Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Spotora & Associates expect that the release of the movie next weekend will be well-covered by the media.  Hopefully all parties involved will now be satisfied with the percentage of revenues they receive.

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