Goth Rocker Arrested for Alleged DUI and Other Charges, Pleads Not Guilty

Peter Murphy, lead singer of Goth group Bauhaus, pleaded not guilty on March 19 to charges of DUI, hit and run, and meth possession.  Murphy’s attorney, Robert Wilson, entered the plea for his client, who did not appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Murphy allegedly fled to Los Angeles after rear ending a vehicle in Glendale.  According to news reports at the Glendale News Press, an eyewitness to the alleged crime blocked Murphy’s Subaru until police arrived.

Known as the “Godfather of Goth,” Murphy was placed in jail after being arrested by Glendale police on suspicion of DUI causing injury, possession of meth, and felony hit-and-run; he was held in lieu of $500,000.  The Goth rock movement is said to have been ignited by Bauhaus, a well-known group that recorded four albums over the span of the group‘s career.  Murphy is a native of Britain, and has a residence in Turkey.  While Judge Frederick Rotenberg did release Murphy on his own recognizance, he barred the musician from driving under “any condition” and from driving anywhere at all without permission from the court, because prosecutors feel Murphy may be a flight risk.

Initial news reports claim that the crash in which Murphy allegedly rear-ended another vehicle took place in Glendale at Goode and Central Avenues.  The individual who followed Murphy from Glendale to Los Angeles and blocked him in until police arrived said that he was afraid that Murphy’s driving may kill someone, according to Glendale police.  Murphy was said to be driving a Subaru Forester; the vehicle he allegedly rear-ended was a Mercedes.

Police said that Murphy denied he had been drinking alcohol the day of the accident, and that he had taken prescription depression medication.  Officers did not find the bag containing what they believed to be methamphetamine until they got inside the Los Angeles police patrol car where Murphy was detained.  Officers believed Murphy was attempting to get rid of the bag in the patrol car, although the defendant denied it belonged to him.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys know that while driving under the influence is one of the most common criminal offenses people are arrested for, it’s also one of the most difficult to defend.  These cases are often complex, and require the skill and experience of a capable lawyer who can successfully navigate the legal system and obtain a positive outcome.

While the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates do not condone driving after consuming alcohol or illegal substances, we do know that the punishment handed down is often far more severe than the actual crime.  Rely on our dedicated team for unsurpassed legal guidance and representation.

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