BottleRock Music Festival Vendors File Suit, Claim Breach of Contract

The 2013 BottleRock music festival was held in Napa on the Expo grounds from May 8 to 12, said to be biggest such event in Napa’s history with an estimated attendance of 120,000.  Even with what seems to be huge success for the financially troubled music festival, numerous vendors are claiming breach of contract, worried that they will not get paid for their services.  Some reports indicate that organizers of the festival owe $2.3 million for vendors’ services.

According to an article at Napa Valley Register, festival organizers Bob Vogt and Gabe Meyers, along with BottleRock, are being sued to the tune of $202,000 by the vendor who provided hand washing stations, fencing, and portable/luxury toilets and restrooms.  The San Jose-based company, United Sites Services, is claiming breach of contract and said in the complaint that their company was to be paid for services upon receipt of invoice.  The complaint goes on to say that United Sites Services has not been paid even after repeated requests.

In addition to the $202,000 reportedly owed to the portable toilet service company, several other vendors have yet to be compensated for their services; designated charities who were promised donations have yet to see them, and $630,000 in wages have not been paid to 142 union workers.  Nearly one month ago, the first lawsuit was filed against the music festival by Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, a bus company.

BottleRock reportedly still owes compensation to other entities including Napa Valley Expo, the City of Napa, and Landmark Event, a staffing company.  United Sites Services took quick legal action due to the company’s concerns that BottleRock may have little or no money left, and perhaps the company would be able to recover at least a portion of the compensation owed to them.

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