The Influence of Netflix; What Does it Mean for the Future of Television?

There’s no doubt that the popularity of Netflix is growing, considering it is the premier provider of internet-based television and movie content in the United States today. According to news reports, Netflix is focused on developing new original content for viewers. It’s resurrection of some popular television shows that have been dropped by various television networks or cancelled has led to some controversy, however viewers are ecstatic over being able to watch some of the shows they would otherwise not be able to view.

Netflix has not only acquired rights to existing television shows and movies, they have also begun creating their own original content. In fact, the content provider has even created additional seasons for some of those shows and movies that had been dropped or canceled by various networks.

According to Forbes, the tidy little world once enjoyed by big networks and local stations in which there was a level playing field is crumbling, falling victim to digital leakage. Of course Netflix isn’t the only player here, considering YouTube, Apple, Google Fiber, cable companies and even a new breed of start-ups like Fullscreen and Maker Studios, both in the process of creating their own networks and channels for YouTube.

Ultimately, Netflix now has the power to react directly with audience viewing preferences, developing new episodes when viewers’ favorites are for one reason or another forced off of the television airways. Will this cause a shift in how the networks determine which shows to eliminate, and which to keep on the air? Considering internet-based providers like Netflix may be wrestling over the rights to develop original new content based on the television networks’ original efforts, television networks may be rethinking their decisions.

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