Trade Secret Theft Made Easier Thanks to Today’s Digital Technology

Not too long ago, the theft of intellectual property involved the actual physical taking of documentation and other paperwork.  Today, rapid advancements in digital technology have made it possible for thieves to steal trade secrets with hardly an effort; all they have to do is download documents onto a flash or thumb drive, a process that takes mere seconds and can be hidden in a pocket or the palm of a hand.

As highly regarded Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys, we know that California businesses now face a much tougher time protecting their private property than in the past, as trade secret theft has become easier for thieves.  Not only that, it seems that the motives for theft of trade secrets has changed.  While competitor jealousy or extortion were once the most common motives for theft of trade secrets, today it’s often done for personal gain, or to supply data to sources overseas.

Recently, charges of trade secret theft were brought against a 36-year-old native Indian who was a former employee of Becton, Dickinson and Co., a med-tech manufacturer.  The ex-employee was allegedly working on a project involving Vystra, an innovative disposable pen used to inject drugs.  The former employee was arrested after leaving Becton, Dickinson and Co., facing criminal charges after the FBI alleged that prior to leaving the firm, he downloaded thousands of files related to the Vystra pen, intending to use the files in India for personal purposes.

If convicted, the former employee could face up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000.

While this individual is facing criminal charges, in most cases trade secret disputes are handled in civil court.  When a company alleges harm to or theft of intellectual property, it is necessary for the company to demonstrate that the material which is compromised or stolen qualifies as a trade secret.  In other words, that material must give the company a competitive edge or have monetary value.

Today, keeping your company’s business information private isn’t an easy task.  In fact, a large percentage of California business owners engage the support of an attorney to help develop strategies to protect the security of their data, and resolve intellectual property disputes.

Companies in need of a capable and experienced Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer can rely on the professionals at Spotora & Associates.

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