Can Business Disputes be Settled Without Costly Litigation? Alternative Resolution Methods in California

When it comes to business disputes, it doesn’t always have to end in one party winning and the other party losing.  Companies who need to resolve a dispute often hastily determine that they will have to go to court; however, in California there are alternative dispute resolution methods that may make it possible for both parties to be satisfied with the end result, and save the substantial costs of litigation as well.

As trusted Los Angeles business dispute attorneys, we want to help increase awareness of some of the alternatives to filing a lawsuit in California.  This applies particularly in unlimited civil cases, or those involving considerable sums of money (usually more than $25,000) or large investments.

Local Court Civil Rule 1E is a California law that while packed with legalese, basically requires the parties involved to make a concerted effort to reach resolution of a dispute using alternative methods such as arbitration, mediation, or a settlement conference.  This not only helps both parties resolve the issue in a way that is fair, but helps companies avoid the damaging effects and enormous costs often associated with trial.  In addition, going to trial can be (and often is) a long, drawn-out process.  First, you may find yourself waiting months, or even years, for a trial date.  Even then, you are basically throwing your business and its reputation at the mercy of the court.  When the judge rules, one party will likely come out victorious, while the other suffers.  Is this the way to handle business matters?

By choosing an alternative resolution and settling your dispute out of court, often times negative effects can be avoided, and companies’ reputations and business relationships salvaged.

Before you take any action to resolve a business dispute, it’s highly recommended you discuss your situation with an experienced Los Angeles business litigation attorney.  Your lawyer can review your situation and help determine whether you should proceed to attempt to resolve the dispute through arbitration/mediation, or request an early settlement conference.

At Spotora & Associates, our specialty is California business law. Contact us today for outstanding legal guidance if you are involved in a business dispute with another party/parties.  Our goal is to help resolve the situation in the most civilized, cost-effective manner possible.

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