‘Bad Judge’ Actress Kate Walsh Sues Former Managers at Evolution Entertainment Over Commissions

This year, former Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh has a new NBC show on which she plays a judge, entitled ‘Bad Judge.’ While she now plays one on television, she may need help from a real-life judge in a situation she finds herself in involving former managers at Evolution Entertainment. Evidently, Walsh fired her former managers more than a year ago, however they are attempting to take a 10% commission from her income for work on Bad Judge, according to a news article at The Hollywood Reporter.

Walsh filed the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, September 29, requesting intervention by a judge into the dispute over her former management contract with Evolution Entertainment. The star is currently represented by Untitled Entertainment and CAA, and feels that because she terminated the management company more than a year ago, she should not be responsible for paying the full 10% or any part of the commissions Evolution Entertainment is demanding. Walsh is looking for legal intervention and wants a judge to determine if she must pay her former managers anything, and if so, how much.

At Spotora & Associates, our Los Angeles entertainment contract attorneys understand the many complexities and issues faced by actors, agents, managers, producers, and others in the entertainment field. Celebrities who star in television and movie productions often work with managers who handle various aspects of their careers. In this situation, it seems that Walsh let her former managers go over a year ago, however they still seem to believe they deserve commissions from the income she is earning from her new television show. While we don’t know what was in the contract between the actress and Evolution Entertainment, hopefully we will learn more once the claim is settled.

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