San Francisco Alternative Energy Company Claims Rival Energy Company Trying to Damage Its Brand

Recent news reports reveal that Choose Energy, an online marketplace that informs consumers regarding various energy suppliers, has filed a lawsuit against API or American Petroleum Institute for trademark violations, business code violations, unfair competition, and more. American Petroleum Institute is a major lobbying group for big oil, according to a recent article at Courthouse News Service.

Choose Energy, Inc. makes it possible for consumers to explore various energy options such as solar and wind power, and also provides information such as price comparisons so that customers can see the differences between local providers of gas, oil, and other traditional fuels and renewable energy sources. As a rival company promoting gas, oil, and fossil fuels, API is accused of attempting to confuse the market in an effort to damage Choose Energy’s brand. In fact, API has purchased the domain name, while Choose Energy’s domain name is

Some customers have contacted Choose Energy in error, believing they are associated with American Petroleum Institute’s fossil fuel agenda. Executives at Choose Energy believe the efforts made by API are damaging the company’s reputation by confusing and deceiving consumers.

API populated the website with data regarding gas and oil, statistics, and break downs by state. People who have gone to by mistake, believing it to be the company website of Choose Energy, Inc. have questioned those with the company on Twitter about whether they are a political organization. Given the clearly confused consumers and API’s choice of domain names, it looks as though the big oil lobbying group has at least partially accomplished their mission. Now, API may be faced with an uphill legal battle as Choose Energy seeks monetary damages, an injunction, and treble damages for the “egregious and exceptional nature of API’s conduct.”

When companies purposely work to damage their competitors, mislead consumers, or create market confusion, it is a violation of trademark law. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous businesses avoid being held accountable for their actions by using loopholes in the law.

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