Franchisees – Four Reasons to Hire a Skilled Franchise Lawyer

You are excited about owning a franchise, have asked those you know who are franchisees about their experiences and success, and perhaps have already begun work on your business plan. Is this enough, or do you need to do more to protect ensure you are protected from a legal standpoint? The quick answer – you need to hire an experienced Los Angeles franchise lawyer. Here are a few of the reasons why taking this step is so important to your success.

Franchise attorneys understand what really matters. From FDD’s or Franchise Disclosure Documents to contracts, lawyers who focus in this area of the law know what is essential to ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest franchise laws, and the various restrictions/obligations you must abide by as a franchise owner in order to avoid termination.

Guidance on how to set up your franchise business. Few franchisees understand the various options when it comes to setting up their business as a C-Corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), or Subchapter S Corporations. What are the differences, and which is best in your situation in regards to how your business will be taxed? A skilled franchise lawyer in LA can provide the guidance you need in this area of your business.

When it looks like you are destined to fail, you need an attorney’s expertise. You never expected your franchise to fail, but it does happen – all too frequently, unfortunately. The location you chose may not have been the best, or you failed to profit fast enough to stay in the game. Perhaps the franchisor is partially to blame for the failure of your business. Franchisors have a responsibility to help franchisees with the “ins and outs” of the business in regards to location, the development of new services or products, the success of other franchisees, competitive factors such as price, and other details. Another reason it’s important to hire a capable franchise lawyer – and to thoroughly read and understand the FDD.

Those involved tell you that hiring an attorney will be a waste of money. If there is one red flag in owning a franchise, this is it! Franchise developers often advise potential franchisees that the agreement contains no negotiable terms, so hiring a lawyer will simply be a waste of money. Essentially, the top priority of the franchisor is to get the agreement signed, without a professional reading over the terms to advise you of any potential problems or issues that may in fact be negotiable.

Are you considering a franchising opportunity? Going forward with this type of business opportunity involves a certain level of uncertainty and stress. By hiring a qualified Los Angeles franchise lawyer, you will enjoy peace of mind – not to mention a more restful sleep at night.


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