Owner of Three Virginia McDonald’s Franchise Locations Target of Civil Rights Lawsuit

Recently, ten former employees of three McDonald’s franchises located in Virginia and owned by the same man filed a civil rights lawsuit, claiming racial discrimination. According to a news report at CNN, approximately 15 African-American workers were terminated on the same day in May of 2014 following the hiring of a substantial number of employees who were white in March.

The plaintiffs in the suit allege that supervisors made the statement that there were “too many black people in the store.” Michael Simon, owner of the three franchise locations in Clarksville, Centerville, and Riverdale, allegedly told the fired employees that they did not “fit the profile.” When asked about the statement, Simon declined to comment.

In a media release issued by Simon after the terminations, the franchise owner said that, “At my McDonald’s restaurants, inclusion and diversity are business imperatives.” Simon went on to say that he strives constantly to provide a working environment in which employees feel accepted and valued.

Katrina Stanfield, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said that she was harassed on a frequent basis, and recalled a supervisor making the comment that it was “too dark” in the restaurant. Stanfield said that she contacted McDonald’s corporate office to report discrimination after she was terminated, but never heard back.

In December of last year, the National Labor Relations Board decided that in cases being heard regarding the rights of workers (unrelated to this racial harassment/discrimination case), McDonald’s corporation would be considered a joint employer along with the franchise owner in these types of lawsuits.

Attorney for the plaintiffs in this case, Paul Smith, claims that McDonald’s could have prevented what happened by becoming more involved. Smith also said that McDonald’s wants all of the control and profit, without the responsibility of protecting employees’ civil rights.

As highly regarded Los Angeles employment lawyers, the staff at Spotora & Associates understand that harassment and discrimination are still very much alive in the workplace today, whether in regards to sexual harassment, race or religious discrimination, even age discrimination. However, allegations of this type are often made out of malice.

Employees do have rights, and employers must adhere to certain legal requirements. Regardless of the issues you may face, it is vital to work with an experienced and capable LA employment attorney who will advocate on your behalf in an effort to reach the desired result.

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