McDonald’s, World’s Biggest Restaurant Chain, Makes Many Changes to Transform the Franchise into a ‘Modern, Progressive Burger Company’

On Monday, May 4 it was announced that Steve Easterbrook, new CEO of McDonald’s Corporation, would reorganize the company’s business units, cut costs, and sell restaurants to franchisees in an effort to transform the world’s largest restaurant chain into a “modern, progressive burger company.” Easterbrook made the announcement via video, in which he vowed to eliminate “cumbersome” management and thoroughly analyze the business for inefficiencies in an effort to save the corporation about $300 million net annually, most of which he anticipated would be realized by the end of 2017.

Mike Andres leads the U.S. McDonald’s market, which news reports at Reuters claim account for more than 40% of the fast-food giant’s operating income. He will continue to lead this market. In the video, Easterbrook said that in the year 2015, $8 to $9 billion would be returned to shareholders of McDonald’s.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve how consumers perceive McDonald’s restaurants in terms of slow service and food quality. In recent years, McDonald’s has been in a decline in the burger fast-food franchise industry. Easterbrook said in his announcement following one of the iconic fast-food restaurant’s worst years that he would “not shy away from the urgent need to reset this business.” Easterbrook took the McDonald’s helm on March 1 of this year.

Prior to Easterbrook taking over the helm, it was planned that McDonald’s would sell 1,500 restaurants by 2016. Under Easterbrook’s management, the plan is to sell 3,500 restaurants by 2018 to franchisees, which would result in an increase of franchisee ownership around the world from 81% to 90%. However, it appears that investors were not thoroughly impressed by Easterbrook’s plan, considering that the announcement seemed to provoke a “prove it” sentiment in immediate reactions noticed in investors according to Stephen Anderson, analyst at Miller Tabak & Co.

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK will comprise the new “international lead” market according to Reuters, which accounts for 40% of the burger franchisors’ operating income.

McDonald’s has been a successful franchise in the U.S. and many international markets for decades, and has proven a successful business model for tens of thousands of franchisees. However, the latest news can make anyone who is thinking of investing in a McDonald’s franchise apprehensive, to say the least. Anyone considering a franchise investment should consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney before making a decision that could change your life, and your financial future. Count on the Los Angeles business attorneys at Spotora & Associates for sound legal guidance and support in franchising or any business matter.

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