Xerox Acquires Berkeley based Healthy Communities Institute

According to a recent article at the Democrat & Chronicle, Xerox has acquired Healthy Communities Institute, a public health data firm based in Berkeley providing a cloud platform that makes it possible for public health agencies, hospitals, and community coalitions to access community health and socioeconomic information easily. This allows these organizations to have a clearer understanding of risk factors, community demographics, and other information related to health.

Healthy Communities Institute supports organizations in 36 states in the U.S.. Xerox intends to integrate Healthy Communities Institute into its Midas+ Juvo Care Performance analytics platform in an effort to ultimately reach improved health care outcomes due to an enhanced comprehensive view of patient care for the organizations who use the cloud-based platform.

Midas+ senior vice president and managing director Justin Lanning said in a statement that “With this acquisition, we are enriching our health care business, evolving our offerings and innovating to address market changes.” Lanning went on to say that the acquisition would make it possible for clients to identify populations that are more at-risk, resulting in timelier clinical interventions that are more personalized. Ultimately, it is hoped the acquisition will improve health care while reducing costs.

Detailed terms of the acquisition were not disclosed in news articles.

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