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Spotora & Associates’ business lawyers both recognize and are well equipped to handle a great majority of our economy’s flourishing needs in the related business and corporate level communities.

Our firm’s corporate attorneys proudly make up a team of professionals that can confidently take on the increasing complexities customarily involved in today’s business world.

With decades of experience under our belts, we provide a multitude of services to both the business person, as well as to the business. Our abilities range from the counseling of our individual and corporate clients, to assisting in the management of the very businesses we advise.

Corporate Corner

For those wishing to Incorporate, whether for the purpose of receiving specialized tax structuring advantages, to limit their personal liability, or otherwise, our corporate lawyers commonly develop and structure corporate entities such as, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Foundations and Non-Profit Foundations, and even California’s new (as of 2012) Benefit Corporations (aka, B-Corps) and Flexible Corporations.

In addition, we also frequently serve as Registered Agents to these clients whilst housing and maintaining the legal requirements of their corporate records.


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We are also ready to assist with Corporate Turn-arounds, Bankruptcy matters, Dissolutions and Mergers & Acquisitions. And because our clients extend not only from state to state but also from country to country, we further commonly secure our clients’ Foreign Corporate Status.

Surprising to no one is the importance of Contracts in business. Our Los Angeles business lawyers take pride in their ability to fine tune the pertinent and significant details of client related contracts, whether it be that of Lease terms, Non-disclosure Agreements, Dissolution or Dissociation Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, or of any other legally binding document.

Want to Bring a Product to Market?

Our business lawyers are well-versed in leading a client’s product from A to Zinc. From new Product Development to Product Launch, our attorneys can help make your idea a profitable reality!

We can protect your intellectual property rights, develop a sound Business Plan or Private Placement Memorandum and have direct contacts with manufacturers, distributor chains and retail powerhouses! Not enough?

Our services will further align you with MBA’s and marketing professionals to help you understand and structure your price points and ‘pitch’ your product to retailers, wholesalers and/or to the end-user!

If you’re serious about developing a new product or launching another product for your already existing company, you’ll be glad you called us.

The firm’s clients range from sole proprietorships to major international corporate entities. As such, our clients are actively involved in various industries including restaurants and nightclubs, film, television and multi-media productions, technology, marketing, communications, pharmaceuticals, and retail sales, and manufacturing and distribution.

Naturally, we also maintain excellent business relationships & affiliations with other professional organizations, including accounting firms, financial institutions, corporate & tax strategists, business consultants, talent & modeling agencies and Hollywood studios.

If you’re looking for a top Los Angeles business lawyer, you can look no further!

Your Business IS Our Business!