Corporate Corner

Did you know that your registered DBA provides you & your business with little more than a nickname?

Did you know that you could be personally liable for the debts, obligations & liabilities of your business when it is conducted as a DBA and not protected within a corporate structure?

Did you know that you may be limited to other special tax benefits or in having the option to structure your business in a fashion that affords you more $$$ and less taxes?

One S&A client shared the following:

Client: *”Before I incorporated, the Gov’t was taking approximately $900.00 PER WEEK out of my paycheck. That’s $3,600 PER MONTH I was paying in taxes. After incorporating, I was paying $3,750 PER QUARTER!!!! In addition to large monthly savings, I received almost $10,000 in tax returns at the end of the year due to corporate ‘write-offs!’ My final tax bill was around $5,000 for the year instead of $46,000. Pretty Fantastic!”

A Common Misperception:

Client: “But really… who’s going to sue me based on what I do? What do I need limited liability for?”

S&A: “Perhaps no person or entity will ever sue you – only time will tell that (although such an expectation is relatively unrealistic). HOWEVER, the bigger picture is this: your personal assets are completely VULNERABLE when you conduct your business as a DBA – you are your business. Significantly, that holds true whether a claim is brought against you for personal OR professional reasons. Establishing a proper business entity from which to work can shelter you by legally providing you with LIMITED LIABILITY.”


LLC’s & Corporations

  • Limit liability on your personal assets
  • Added tax advantages & benefits
  • Ability to secure your business’s name on a state-wide basis.

  • No personal or professional asset protection
  • No special tax breaks or maneuvers
  • Only a secondary name within L.A. County which may become compromised


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!


* This testimonial is intended to serve as an example only and is not a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, decision to incorporate or otherwise. Results are based on a series of varying factors and may vary.

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