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Trusted Los Angeles incorporation attorneys understand that creating an entity for an existing business or forming a new business is complex, confusing and often stressful. At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, we bring years of skill, experience and knowledge to the table, offering our clients exceptional solutions to all of their business needs. While we realize you can try the “do it yourself” approach that so many business owners take today, securing the services of a capable Los Angeles corporate lawyer will not only ensure that you are in compliance with a long list of required corporate formalities, but it will as well allow you to hit the ground running with a solid foundation in place. Ultimately, taking it upon yourself to incorporate without the benefit of a knowledgeable attorney could end in a very costly mistake, and all too often does.

It isn’t enough to simply say you want to incorporate. Our Los Angeles incorporation lawyers understand how the entity you choose can impact your debts, liabilities, business plan and obligations. Should you form an LLC (Limited Liability Company), C- or S-Corporation, Limited or General Partnership? Not only can the business entity you choose impact the above-mentioned factors, but tax planning and advantages in addition to how effective or successful your business is across both state and international lines. I’ve read this several times now – can’t make sense of it. It reads like an incomplete thought. It seems to have a transition, but no conclusion.

For most business owners, the process of incorporating leaves them totally “clueless” – or as some would say, it’s totally “Greek.” This is one more reason you must consult with a Los Angeles incorporation attorney who is extremely versed in this complicated area of the law. Today it seems that you can use the internet to do just about anything, including incorporating your business. Is this a good idea? No. For the most part, internet incorporation services simply generate forms, or worse, a lot of “boiler plate,” and are prohibited from supplying any legal guidance or advice.

In all honesty, establishing your corporation is not an easy or straightforward task unless you are well-versed in entity formation. You must have a name that does not violate another company or corporation’s trademark, and it must comply with California’s corporation laws. You must also file articles of incorporation with the California Secretary of State, and take specific steps even after your business’s incorporation such as, filing a statement of information, applying for a FEIN, issuing stock certificates, holding an organizational meeting and preparing related minutes, tailoring the terms of Bylaws, an Operating Agreement or other controlling document, applying for applicable business licenses, etc. Our Los Angeles incorporation attorneys work diligently to help you through the process and ensure that all paperwork is properly filed and in order.

At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our experience and knowledge regarding entity formation and incorporation make us the unparalleled choice for your business needs. We will answer all of your questions regarding the benefits and disadvantages of each type of business formation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high ethical standards, and delivering solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations.