Business Litigation


Business Litigation
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Our business litigation team includes attorneys with decades of experience. We handle issues of local, state, national, and international concern and are adept at the procedures and processes in courts throughout California, the United States, and beyond.

It is crucial that each phase of the litigation process be handled in an efficient, expeditious way, and Spotora & Associates has the skill to achieve the best possible result for your matter.

We work with clients to make them aware of their options during the litigation and arbitration process, and how it will affect their business for the short and long term.

Some of our business litigation focus includes:

  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement
  • Online Disputes
  • Unfair Competition and Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Business Torts and Fraud
  • Securities Defense

Business disputes can greatly affect individual business owners and multinational corporations. Spotora & Associates has represented various types of businesses over the years, and knows that it takes swift, serious action to prevent further harm to your business.

No matter if you are defending your business’ position or seeking to protect your interests, our lawyers can aggressively uphold your interests.

Our use of cutting-edge technology, senior-level experience and third-party contacts database helps our clients’ cases with the latest in evidence gathering, trial and hearing presentations, and access to expert witnesses.

These resources along with our personal, hands-on client approach, effective meetings, video or phone conferences and ability to accomplish your goals allow businesses to stay focused on their daily operations while we seek closure on their critical business matters.

Part of our litigation services also includes protecting your business from other potential problems. We take the time to understand your business in order to help it maintain its competitive edge.

A business’ employees, assets and investments, equity owner expectations, coveted business information and data, as well as financial reporting and corporate governance merit the need for a strong business lawyer to keep businesses successful in the long run.