Franchise Law


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Franchises are not only a domestic phenomenon, but an international business concept that attracts investors from countries around the world as products attain a global reach and financial interest.

From stay-at-home, telecommuting entrepreneurs to savvy businesspeople, franchises often have low barriers of entry and high returns when they are appropriately planned and guided.

Franchise law entails all the facets needed to begin, acquire, maintain, merge, and sell a franchise business. Our franchise attorneys take a comprehensive approach to your legal needs and leverage key aspects of the franchise agreement to maximize the opportunities for income.

Spotora & Associates has extensive experience in franchising across various industries. If there is a franchise out there that fits your lifestyle and idea, we can represent your business’ legal needs.

It is essential to get legal guidance on a franchise as these businesses are filled with many complexities. Franchises are also prone to copycats that want to feed off the success of others. A qualified franchise attorney is the best asset to defending your business’ livelihood at any stage.

Franchises are subject to multiple regulations and with so many businesses crossing borders nowadays, your business needs expert legal guidance to navigate the intricacies of franchise law.

Our franchise services include:

  • Business incorporation
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Financing and development
  • Acquisition, maintenance, and enforcement of trademark and intellectual property rights
  • Review of franchise agreement, rules, fees, restrictions, and rights
  • Review of lease and business plan
  • Legal compliance when expanding across state and international jurisdictions
  • Joint ventures and licensing
  • Product and service distribution agreements

We commonly represent franchisees as well as franchisors and have extensive experience in advising and guiding either party in the creation of successful businesses by meeting their challenges with practical and creative solutions. Spotora & Associates has attorneys accomplished in business who know how to anticipate and avoid pitfalls that could occur.

Oftentimes, it is our advice and contract review that has provided key insight on business operations and strategy. We understand the needs of the franchisor with a lucrative business and the franchisor who wants to capitalize on the opportunities of the brand.