Criminal Law

Defending Your Rights


Criminal LawOur experienced criminal defense lawyers excel in the aggressive and effective representation of clients having been charged with misdemeanor and/or felony related crimes.


Spotora & Associates is a Los Angeles based law firm; however, our criminal law team handles cases on a statewide basis.


Not only is each criminal defense lawyer extremely well-versed in criminal laws, strategies, and the tactics needed to zealously defend you, but our criminal attorneys are of the caliber to have been recognized as leaders in the community and have been named as some of the best criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles!


Our California criminal defense practice commonly includes matters relating to:


Criminal Defense

Violent Crimes

  • Arson, Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Hate Crimes, Kidnapping, Larceny, Manslaughter, Vehicular Manslaughter, Mayhem, Murder, Terrorism, Theft, Aggravated Assault, Home Invasion & Homicide.


DUI/DWI – Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs

Narcotics/Controlled Substances/Drug Crimes

  • Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Possession, Possession for Sale, Transportation, Prescription Fraud, Anabolic Steroids, Trafficking.


White Collar Crimes

  • Bank Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Bribery, Computer Hacking, Counterfeiting, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Crimes, Embezzlement, Extortion, Forgery, Fraud, Money Laundering, Pyramid Schemes, Racketeering/RICO, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud, Email Intercepting, Health Care Fraud, Identity Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Investment Fraud, Securities Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud, Wire Fraud




Warrants/Probation/3 Strikes

Sex Crimes

  • Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Child Exploitation, Child Pornography, Failure to Register, Indecent Exposure, Internet Porn, Lewd Conduct, Molestation, Pedophilia, Pimping and Pandering, Pornography, Prostitution, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sodomy, Stalking, Statutory Rape, Date Rape, Solicitation, Child Enticement, Spousal Abuse, Child Molestation, Marital Rape, Obscenity, Child Procurement, Improper Teacher-Student Relationships, CPS Investigations.


Theft Crimes

  • Identity Theft, Petty Theft, Grand Theft, Burglary.


Juvenile Offenses

If you’re looking for a top criminal defense lawyer, look no further! And remember, when you’re facing a criminal law matter, quality representation is not expensive. . . it’s priceless!


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