Los Angeles Entertainment Attorneys & Litigation Lawyers

Are you in search of a trusted Los Angeles entertainment attorney? At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, we specialize in representing clients in matters concerning film, music, movie and television production as well as with issues stemming from development contracts, licensing, royalty and publishing agreements and more. For more than a decade, we have provided exceptional legal guidance and representation to producers, production houses, actors, studio executives, writers, agents and others in the entertainment industry, working diligently to reach the client’s desired outcome.

Our Los Angeles entertainment litigation lawyers are knowledgeable, skilled and most of all, effective. We offer a team of attorneys who are extremely capable and diverse, bringing years of experience to the table. From securing Copyrights, Trademarks and other Intellectual Property to negotiating and drafting contracts and aggressively representing our clients in litigation, we take a personal approach to our clients’ matters while remaining unparalleled to any large commercial law practice.

We realize that your choice in a Los Angeles entertainment litigation lawyer is important, and can make the difference in reaching a successful resolution to your issue. We apply solid experience and innovative solutions to entertainment issues, representing and protecting your rights from start to finish. Experience and an intense understanding of the entertainment industry are essential in handling the wide array of issues that may and often do develop in it.

Among our dedicated Los Angeles entertainment lawyers are those who are highly capable and experienced in negotiating and drafting network theatrical exhibition licenses, location and composer agreements, footage licenses and more. Our attorneys have represented, handled matters that involved and/or previously worked for Twentieth Television and FOX Broadcasting Company, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Sony Music, the Walt Disney Company, Fremantle Media, E! Entertainment Network, NBC Universal, Universal Music Group, Syfy Network, Bravo, HGTV, BET, Interscope Records, the list goes on.

At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Los Angeles entertainment litigation attorneys command the respect of arbitrators, judges and opponents due to the results we are capable of achieving for our clients. Whether your dispute involves distributors, production companies, partnerships, trademark or copyrights or even governmental agencies, we are forceful litigators who are ready and willing to advocate on your behalf. When you are in need of a lawyer who offers the support, guidance and aggressive approach you need in a highly competitive (and often unethical) industry, contact our team of skilled attorneys.