Beverly Hills Intellectual Property

Creations of the mind, seemingly hard to protect – and to understand. At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Beverly Hills intellectual property lawyers understand that the subject of intellectual property is complex and confusing to most people. Trademarks, copyrights, symbols, images, artistic and literary works; whether your works have been infringed upon or stolen, or you simply need help protecting your published or unpublished works, our attorneys are skilled, experienced and competent.

It isn’t easy to understand the topic of intangible rights, which is one reason many people and businesses put matters of this sort in the hands of a capable Beverly Hills intellectual property attorney. Whether you are an artist or inventor, or simply a business owner who needs guidance regarding slogans/symbols that represent your brand, copyrights or trademarks, we help you manage and protect your intellectual property.

Patent and trade secret laws, even a manufacturing process your company developed; all of these things must be protected. You may have a medical or science related invention that you want to protect. Our Beverly Hills intellectual property attorneys understand that your ideas, inventions and trade secrets must be protected so that other companies or individuals do not “steal” your intangible property. While patent laws work to protect your exclusive rights, trademark laws protect your brand in terms of your symbol, logo or slogan.

Because Beverly Hills is so rich in the entertainment industry there are countless situations in which an individual/company may need an experienced Beverly Hills intellectual property lawyer. Considering the number of writers and producers involved in developing movies, music and televisions shows, attorneys who are knowledgeable and skilled in this area of the law are in demand. Whether you need guidance in researching, registering, protecting, licensing or enforcing your intellectual property rights or have a dispute that could potentially lead to litigation, our lawyers are more than capable, dedicated and results-driven. When necessary we will proceed forward with litigation, working aggressively to achieve the desired outcome.

Whether you simply need guidance or have questions regarding patent and trademark laws, copyright or trademark infringement or other matters relevant to intellectual property, contact our office today. At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Beverly Hills intellectual property lawyers deliver beyond your expectations, providing the legal support and guidance you need.