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Applying for a trademark can be a much more involved process than you might think. At Spotora & Associates, our LA trademark attorneys understand the importance of protecting your company’s good will. Successfully establishing a company, slogan, logo, or product name takes hard work, efforts you want to protect from the potential damage that could occur should someone else decide to use your products without authorization. When in search of an LA trademark lawyer who will help you protect your company’s or product’s reputation, we have the skill and experience to deliver results.

Trademark is a general term which encompasses several categories; under the law, one trademark is not necessarily equal to another. In order of the level of protection, trademarks will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • ŸFanciful trademarks are given the ultimate level of protection, and consist of made up words which are not connected to the product.
  • ŸThe second highest level of protection involves suggestive marks, which do not describe a product but instead suggest a feature or quality of the product.
  • ŸMarks which do describe a product are called descriptive marks, and are given a lower level of protection.
  • ŸWords that match the common name of a product are referred to as generic marks; these marks are given absolutely no protection.

As seasoned LA trademark lawyers, we know that in far too many cases, business owners do not give sufficient time and thought to the selection of a trademark. Your mark is ultimately what can protect your company’s image, brand, and reputation should another individual or company infringe upon your company’s name, products, or slogan. It is also important to note that while registering your mark with the U.S. Trademark Office is highly recommended, protection comes not from registration, but from usage.

It is a good idea to hire an LA trademark attorney when applying for a trademark; as mentioned earlier, the process is quite complex, and not at all simple or straightforward. There are certain strategies which will help you be successful in obtaining your trademark; conducting an availability search is part of the process, and is costly. You do not want to risk your application being rejected. When you have finally made it through all of the steps, it’s also essential to protect your mark from infringement. Our LA trademark attorneys have vast experience in litigation regarding trademark infringement.

At Spotora & Associates, we possess a thorough understanding of how trademarks are reviewed for approval, and issued. Companies considering a specific design or name to use for trademark purposes should contact our office for guidance and support, helping streamline the process. Call us today at (310)556-9641 to speak to a highly qualified LA trademark lawyer who is focused on getting the results you expect.