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At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys realize that this area of the law involves properties that are essentially creations of the mind. Sounds a bit complex and confusing, doesn’t it? It can be for individuals who are not familiar with the laws regarding slogans, literary or artistic works, trademarks, symbols, images, copyrights, inventions, patents, the internet, etc. Intangible rights can be tough to clearly explain which is why most businesses rely on an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer to handle these types of issues.

Basically, an attorney can provide legal assistance to inventors, artists and others who need help managing and protecting both unpublished and published work. Your exclusive rights to your own intellectual property must be protected, which is why you should consider a Los Angeles intellectual property attorney who is competent in this complicated area of law. In a society in which the internet is widely used for business and brand promotion, having a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure your business is on solid legal ground is essential – and comforting.

Some of the areas Los Angeles intellectual property lawyers specialize in include trademark and copyright law, as well as trade secret law. . You may wish to replace this last sentence with one that relates to trade secrets. We do not do patents. Trademark law involves protecting your logo, symbol or other aspects of your brand and brand name that represents the services or goods your company offers.

You may be a writer or producer of music, movies, books or drawings. In this case, a capable Los Angeles intellectual property lawyer helps in assisting you with copyrights to protect your tangible works. Whether on a statewide, national or international basis, our attorneys can help with researching, registering, protecting, licensing and enforcing intellectual property rights. We are also not intimidated by the prospect of litigation, and will vigorously defend our clients’ intellectual property rights if it becomes necessary.

At the Law Offices of Spotora & Associates, our Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys are experienced and capable, having represented a wide array of clientele with copyright, trademark and other intellectual property issues. Contact us today for exceptional legal guidance and support with all of your IP needs.