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Labor and Employment Law
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The legal and regulatory employment environment has changed drastically in recent years. S&A attorneys understand the needs and legal requirements important to today’s employers.

Much of our work and advice is preventive in nature, conducted with the goal of minimizing or altogether eliminating the employer’s exposure to liability and costly litigation.

However, whether precautionary or as a need to take responsive action, S&A attorneys are ready and able to zealously represent both public and private sector employers in all employment-related claims.

Representation includes matters relating to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, personnel handbooks, non-competition agreements and trade secrets, as well as in proceedings held before or relating to FEHA, Title VII, ADEA, ADA, OSHA compliance and appeals, wage and hour law, employee rights, ERISA, class actions and executive compensation.

Additionally, we are not only well versed to advise our clients or advocate for them on matters such as workers compensation and due process-privacy, but our work further encompasses the drafting, review and/or guidance of employment policies, discipline matters, the design and implementation of management seminars and training and on difficult personnel actions such as pension-benefit changes and work-force reductions.

We are committed to maintaining the most effective work environment for our clients and for the benefit of their “bottom-line.”