Tort Law

The Lifeline of Punitive Damages


Tort LawAlthough “Tort Law” initially appears unrecognizable to many on the surface, a more detailed look into this complex area of law would reveal that it encompasses very recognizable claims such as: Personal Injury, Defamation, Fraud, Discrimination, Nuisance, Product Liability, Wrongful Death. . . the list goes on.


The attorneys at Spotora & Associates not only have a significant amount of experience in handling tort cases, but that experience is substantiated by MILLIONS of dollars in both verdicts and settlements that have been awarded to our clients.


Among the numerous types of tort matters we handle are:


Business Torts: Commercial defamation, interference with contractual or economic relations, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and misrepresentation, unfair and deceptive trade practices and other claims that affect the operation and/or success of a business.


Civil Rights: Discrimination, harassment and violation of constitutional rights under state and federal laws. Among our clients are businesses, employers and public entities.


Construction: Construction defect, personal injury and property damage.


Personal Injury: Wrongful death, bodily injury, damage to reputation, negligence and intentional torts such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, sexual misconduct, fraud and libel.


Premises Liability: Slip and fall, recreation injuries, dangerous conditions, and vicarious liability for acts of others (criminals, employees, minors).


Property Damage: Damage to personal and real property, including injury resulting from vehicular accidents, construction defect, product liability, landslides, nuisance abatement, toxic contamination, etc.


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