“In all my experience with law firms, I have never had a firm exhibit the thoroughness, attention to detail, and insight that S&A did from the first phone call to the completion and launch of our business. The promptness in which they have responded to our legal needs has been extraordinary. Every facet of our relationship with them has been of the highest quality and integrity. They have exceeded our expectations.”

– Stanley D. Headley M.D., N.D.
VP Product Development & Chief Medical Officer
Business, Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Client

“I am amazed and most impressed at your diligence and your workmanship… I really am…. and I will tell you that in person…. but, if I haven’t told you already…. you are really pro at what you do.” [left on afterhours’ voicemail]

Once again I have to thank you for taking the time this evening and for your true diligence and for what I consider a true friendship… you’re somebody who really cares. As I stated on the phone, tonight I will rest better knowing you’re alongside of me.”

– W. Rizzi, CEO
Air Royale International, Inc.
Business & Corporate law, Aviation law & Intellectual Property Law Client

“For any individual whose legal rights have been trampled, as mine have, competent legal representation is absolutely paramount and surprisingly difficult to find. Of all of the attorneys I have discussed my case with over the years, Anthony Spotora is the only one who believed in me as much as I believe in him. I hold Anthony in the highest regard and look forward to continuing a professional relationship with Spotora & Associates. Please extend my gratitude for all your consideration.

– Gary Holland
Former “Great White” Drummer & Vocalist
Entertainment & Intellectual Property Client

“Okay, you are the guys I definitely need on my side! I hope I never need any further legal help but if I do you are my guys! Thank you for all of your hard work and help it is truly appreciated!! This really has set my mind at ease…nice to see someone really do a great job on something! THANKS!!!”

Criminal Defense, Business & Tort Litigation Client

“You know you amaze me. I always thought of myself in being very service oriented with all of our clients, large or small, and you just seem to take it a notch further. Your kindness I will never forget. It has meant so much to me during all of this. I know for a fact the one thing good that has come from this, it has been meeting you. From the very first time we spoke to the present. Thank you!”

– Pauline
Business, Entertainment & Family Law Client

“Thank you for everything! You’ve been amazing! We are lucky to have found you and to work with you! It’s not easy starting a new venture, but your efforts have made an unfamiliar, sometimes overwhelming process, much easier to go through – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

– Steve Maisel & Nicholas Pratley
Synchronicity², LLC
Corporate, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law Client

“Anthony and his team are not only incredible attorneys, but they are spot on with details. Nothing gets by them. Anthony helped me start one of my companies and later helped me dissolve it with very little paper work on my end. It is because of him that I tell people how easy it is to become incorporated. On a personal level, Anthony is always inquiring about my family. I highly recommend Spotora & Associates for any sort of counsel necessary.”

– J. Hearne
Corporate, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law Client

“Anthony is a wonderful entertainment lawyer and a wonderful human being. I recommend him to everyone that asks me where to go for savvy legal counsel in my business.”

– Christopher Showerman, Actor
“George” in Walt Disney Picture’s, “George of the Jungle 2″
Entertainment Law Client

“I interviewed many lawyers in the entertainment field before hiring Spotora & Associates to serve as our production company’s corporate counsel. Anthony led the team and is not only a stellar attorney, but he’s a good guy.”

– T. Kuglin
Corporate, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law Client

“On behalf of UCLA student government, USAC, we really cannot thank you enough for attending our entertainment panel. I can’t emphasize enough the impact that our speaker series panel has had. We simply can’t thank you enough for your insight.”

– D. Blase
UCLA Student Govt

“I wanted to thank you both for your time but mostly your support! I’m off to go do my commercial now; but again thanks, you guys are the best.”

“I don’t feel I can enter into this without legal representation and you guys are the best.”

– P.K.
Family Law, Litigation, Business, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law Client

“Thanks so much for all of your help in launching our new business. I know you went above and beyond with your time and it really is appreciated.”

– B. Kasunic
Intellectual Property Law Client

“Anthony and his team have proven to be a nimble, first-class competitor (and alternative) to the giant mega-sized law firms which tend to overcharge and under deliver.”

– S. Taylor, Chairman & CEO
Taylor Asset Management, Inc.
Business & Corporate Law Client

“Anthony is the complete attorney. Thorough, supportive, proactive and extremely knowledgeable, Anthony offers great support and quick responses to whatever situation arises.”

– T. King
King Media Services, Inc.
Business, Corporate, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law Client

Q: Anyone know of a good lawyer in LA?

A: My entertainment attorney is Anthony Spotora. He has my strongest recommendation for the width and breadth of entertainment law experience and services offered by his boutique firm. [found on internet bulletin chat board]

– K. Corben, Producer
Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch”
Entertainment Law Client

“In our years of association with Spotora & Associates, PC, we have enjoyed the professionalism and efficiency in which matters are handled. It is truly a pleasure to conduct business affairs with them on a regular basis. Spotora & Associates, PC are polite, responsive and always team players when it comes to assembling a true business team.”

– R.A. Anderson, Managing Partner
Anderson, Philips, Davis & Hoffmann, LP
Business & Corporate Law Client

“There’s no question your performance and services are invaluable. Our new company was ‘legal’ in less than two weeks. It made a huge difference in allowing us to hit the ground running. And the confidence we now have in our partnership with you in quite reassuring.”

“Anthony has provided exceptional service from the moment we walked through the door, explained our new business and drew up the documents. I would gladly recommend Spotora & Associates to any new business start-up.”

– Tim King & Adam Langsbard, Partners
King Lang Media, LLC
Entertainment & Corporate Law Client

“One of the best entertainment attorneys in town is Anthony J. Spotora, Esq., managing attorney of his Century City-based law boutique, Spotora & Associates. Lately, he has been spotted out on the town at all the best events, hobnobbing with the stars.”

– Anita Talbert

“Having written 17 books on business excellence and having worked in the entertainment industry at the highest level for the last 22 years allows me to feel qualified to speak about business integrity. I have worked with Anthony Spotora on several matters and can say without hesitation that he is a fine ethical and bright legal mind. I recommend him with confidence for assignments within the entertainment industry.”

– Michael Levine, Founder
Levine Communications Office
Business Law, Entertainment Law & Litigation Client

“Thanks to Spotora and Associates for the guidance and support that was provided to us. They demonstrated faith in our vision and we feel privileged to be in such good hands. We look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

– Traci Richardson & Joy Lewis, Partners
Mocha Footprints, LLC
Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Client

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me!”
[Delivered via “Thank You” card]

– Kathy Young
Defense Litigation Client

“I had only heard of something like trademark infringement when our company’s name was jeopardized. Spotora & Associates defended and ultimately reserved our rights. They saved us an immeasurable amount of money and an invaluable number of potentially lost clients! Thank you!

– Michele Marconi, President
All That Glitters, Inc.
Intellectual Property Litigation, Business & Corporate Law Client

“LA’s Premiere Business, Corporate & Entertainment Law Boutique.”

– Michael Levine
My Town in The “Hollywood Beat”

“Thank You for The Excellent Service!”

– Susan Johnson, President
Select Services Films, Inc.
Entertainment, Corporate & Real Estate Law Client

Neither the client names nor the testimonials found above are to serve in any way as a promise, guarantee, warranty nor prediction as to the likely results of your legal matter.

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